2012 Red Bull Creation project: The Hunt for Red September


Vote for us you must use your Facebook account and O.K. the Red Bull Creation app. There seems to be an issue with their popup window. Copy the url from popup window and paste it into a full size window and you should be able to o.k. it. You know you voted when the "Vote" button tells you you already voted.

Who Are We?

We are a local Minnesota team of builders with a mix of expertise in technology and art here in the Twin Cities. During the day we work as professionals in engineering and design. In our spare time, we build maniacal creations to inspire imagination and stretch mental know-how. We are the 2011 Red Bull Creation grand prize winners.

What is this competition?

The 2012 Red Bull Creation contest, July 19-22, brings new challenges in what promises to be another exciting opportunity to showcase MN creative and technical talents. Instead of 16 teams utilizing one work space, each team will use local workspace and the contest will be webcast throughout the 72 hour competition. 1.21 Jigawatts has teamed up with The Mill, a local educational industrial arts/maker space, to put our best foot forward for this year’s competition. With the growing community and talent around The Mill the team feels they have a great shot at this year’s contest.